Explore expand evolve is really about risk taking. It's putting yourself out into the abyss, not knowing what end you’ll come out of. It’s these chances that I thrive on and have always lived my life by. I find that through these explorations, the journey expands the self. And through self reflection- something I take very seriously- we eventually evolve as a human being.

Although the words ‘explore, expand, evolve’ don't seem directly iconic of something thing such as wardrobe styling, I promote a more conceptual and philosophical approach to my work as a human being. Because I do a wide variety of work and consider my work art (not just business), I chose these words because they are representative of myself and my artistic approach.

Big ideas are the driving forces in our rapidly evolving society. It's big ideas that are moving and shaping what we will become. In essence, my goal is to elevate and educate people to thinking beyond this work as 'design work' - to view this work as a process and as a concept.

LeoMax studied graphic design and advertising in Chicago but has done work in Madrid, Miami, London, and New York and is available for domestic and international hire in the fields of creative consulting, graphic design, and wardrobe styling.